How many people can join directly under you?

You can join unlimited no. of People directly under you. There is no limit of joinings in this plan

When will I get my Payout

Our Joining system will be closed on last day of month for Payout purposes . You will get your Payout directly in Bank Wallet

What is B-wallet and E-wallet

Your Income will be divided in 2 wallets - E Wallet and B-wallet. Amount in B wallet will be direrctly paid in Banks on last day of Month. E wallet amount can be used to buy Registration keys for you and your Joinings

Can I transfer my Bwallet to Ewallet

Yes, you can transfer money to Ewallet from Bwallet by clicking on Transfer to Ewallet in User Panel and Entring Amount.

Where Can i get my Video Lectures

You can access your Video lectures by clicking Video Lecture Login anytime and anywhere